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Saturday, 03 March 2007

Puma Biomega bike

Have Puma and Danish company Biomega come up with the ultimate folding mountain bike? The designers Adam Thorpe and Joe Hunter at London's Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design have put their collective creative minds together to outwit the most savvy of folding mountain bike thieves.

The Down Tube wire is a structural part of the frame Ė integrating the locking mechanism in the frame subsequently rendering the bicycle non functional if someone breaks the lock to steal the bicycle.

Although the bike has a folding mechanism it isnít a regular folding bike. It is made for quick & dirty type fold: Entering the elevator, the tube, the office.

Puma Biomega Bike

This "Urban Mobility bike" is one example of how designers are attempting to reduce bike theft. It's an uphill struggle, though. Figures from the British Crime Survey show that in 2005/06, a record 439,000 bicycles were stolen across England and Wales.

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Part of this article was sourced from The Guardian(03-Mar-07), please see Guardian online for more information

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