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Folding Bikes And The Famous PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 February 2007

Recently we issued the call for famous people who cycle folders. We heard Kate Moss had a Brompton and David Byrne(Talking heads frontman) cycles a folder.

Other name suggested by our readers are:

Ringo Starr(Beatles drummer)Chloe Sevigny(Actress)Moritz Volz(Fulham football player)

Ringo Starr(Beatles Drummer), Phil Liggett(Tour the France Commentor), Moritz Volz(Fulham Football Player), James May (Presenter of TopGear) is a bromptonaut, Twiggy(Model), Scarlett Johannsen(Actress) was apparently spotted on a Dahon(unconfirmed), Chloe Sevigny(Actress).

Moultons are not strictly folders but some do separate. Famous moulton riders include James Dyson(Vaccum Designer), Norman Foster(Architect) and Peter Gabriel(Singer Songwriter). There's a video on youtube of him singing while riding a moulton during a concert

 Norman Foster(Architect)Phil Liggett(Tour the France commentor)

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