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Indian Deluxe Insta-Bike
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Indian Deluxe Insta-Bike
Bought this bike about 20 years ago at a church yard sale in Memphis, TN. My daughter rode it for years and then it was put away about 10 years ago. I pulled it down from the garage recently to clean it up and thought I would try to learn about it when I was directed to this web site. It is still in great shape and I occasionally ride it around the neighborhood just for laughs. It was made in Italy and imported by The Instamatic Corp in Elkhart, IN. A decal on the head tube read Deluxe Insta-Bike and decals on the down tube and chain guard that read Indian. It shares the garage with a 1995 Bianchi Eros and a 2006 Bianchi Luna, only Italian for me. Photo submitted by Bob from Chester, VA on 14th August 2010.